Cosplay – Press Start to Begin

25 Jun

Heroic Shot

Let’s start with an origin story. We grew up in Oklahoma, land of the well-intentioned and deep-fried food. While there were plenty of opportunities to toss a football or baseball around, there wasn’t a wealth of exposure to all things fandom.

“I am a true child of the 80’s. Generation of the Atari, grandfather of the gaming consoles and hand-help devices. I have owned, or played, almost every gaming console known to man. My first exposure to fandom was through old super hero cartoons and the original Star Wars movies. All classic 80’s movies to be honest; and let’s be honest, there’s just something about the movies of the 80’s. Their magic and imagination. I remember Marvel trading cards at the local 7-11 gas station and Yukon Comics the only comic book and collectibles store for 15 miles.”  – Daniel

“My town only had one comic book store and it was on the oldest street in town and it was tiny. My love for heroes and video games was nurtured almost exclusively at home. I would always record the X-Men cartoons and the Spiderman cartoons on VHS and I knew most of the Batman series by heart. We couldn’t afford a lot of video games so I would play and replay the games that we did have until I could beat them with my eyes closed. My favorites? Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. And as for Anime? I’ve been drawn to the animation and story telling style ever since stumbling across Unico when I was very, very young. “ – Sara

Long story short; it was up to us to find ways to feed that need to nerd out on our own.

And then there was Chicago.

C2E2 2013.

We became aware of what was possible and came to one conclusion.

We want to play too.

We spent weeks after the con pitching ideas back and forth. We’d even made definitive decisions about what we would work on – twice. We really wanted to do a themed couple cosplay, or at least a complimentary set. But nothing seemed to settle well for the both of us.

“I wanted to do Nightwing. I’d even researched how to make his body armor but Sara wasn’t sold on Batgirl because she’d have to dye her hair or wear a wig. We’d settled on Green Lantern and Star Sapphire until Sara got a look at her costume, what little there is of it.” – Daniel

We’d almost given up on the cosplay set, until we got back to some gaming. We’d just beaten Bioshock and were almost finished with Bioshock 2 when we got to the section where Eleanor gets her Big Sister suit.


Johnny Topside, a.k.a. Subject Delta and Eleanor Lamb.

Epic level: 10.

Our challenge: craft two Bioshock characters by C2E2 2014.

Be sure to check back for weekly updates!

We’d love to hear how your fandom took flight – why not leave your own origin story in our comments section?  – TCG


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