Level 2-2: Solo Mission – Strengthen Helmet

17 Sep

Eleanor Lamb with Helmet Concept Art

This week, we’re doing things a little differently in order to accommodate our crazy schedules. We’ll be posting separately so you won’t have to go without a complete weekly dose of Those Crazy Gilberts! Last week, we were staring at the incomplete shell of Eleanor Lamb‘s helmet, wondering what the best course of action would be.

Eleanor Lamb helmet cardboard cut out

The prospect of spending hours of work on the process of tracing and cutting and gluing wedges of cardboard into the frame was hardly appealing; there had to be another way. Finally, Daniel suggested that we lace more strips of cardboard through the vertical frame horizontally. This would give the helmet more stability once we popped the ball. Then, he said, we could line it in cling wrap to keep the  papier-mâché from adhering to the ball. Then we should be able to pop the ball and pull it out of the frame.

And so, I got to cutting even more cardboard strips. I can say with certainty that I’ve mentioned how much I hate cutting cardboard strips at this point. But it needed to be done, and thankfully we only needed three 41″ strips.

I put out our most complete cardboard box and went to measure and cut. But I then realized that, when we cut the cardboard box, we hadn’t cut along the inner seam. Since we needed such long strips, we would need a piece of cardboard without seams so Daniel had to go all the way down from our third floor apartment to get me a brand new cardboard box. This might seem like something that should be obvious but, if I can save someone else  a few steps; so be it! The lesson here is: when cutting open your cardboard boxes, always cut along the seam where the cardboard has been glued together. That way you have four full panels of continuous, glorious cardboard.

Eleanor Lamb's Helmet Cardboard Frame

Next, I got to weaving. I took the strips of cardboard and slipped them between the frame and the ball and then glued the seam together with hot glue as we’d done to the top star steam. In no time at all, I had a reinforced frame for Eleanor Lamb’s helmet.

Eleanor Lamb's Helmet Cardboard Frame

Our next step on the helmet is to papier-mâché and then go to town in the same way we did Subject Delta’s helmet.

Later this week you’ll be hearing from Daniel and then, next week we’ll be back on track! — Sara

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