Level 2-3: Upgrade Player 2

2 Oct

Remember when I asked all of you to knock on some wood because Daniel kept saying that Eleanor Lamb‘s helmet and harness would be easy to build? Thank you to all of you that did because it must have been enough to keep Murphy from moving in or even squatting in the yard. We have some amazing pictures to show you but not a lot to describe because we’ve been there and done that and you’ve all been there and done that with us!

The last time you saw Eleanor Lamb’s helmet, I was reinforcing the frame in preparation for papier-mâché. Daniel had expressed some concern about applying papier-mâché to the plastic ball. He was worried that when we popped the ball would take the papier-mâché with it. His solution was to case it in Saran Wrap before beginning the tedious task of papier-mâché.

Eleanor Lamb's Helmet with Wrap Eleanor Lamb's Helmet Paper Mache StartEleanor Lamb's Helmet Paper Mache

Daniel applied two layers of papier-mâché and before we knew it, the time had come to pop the plastic ball. Of course we did wait until the papier-mâché had a chance to dry and set but I’ll never forget the way Daniel came around the couch with the helmet in his hands like a cake with candles and announced it was time to pop the ball!

Eleanor Lamb's Helmet Popping Ball

Eleanor Lamb's Helmet without Ball

Good bye ball.

Eleanor Lamb's Helmet

Hello wearable helmet!

Next, it was time to make the harness. I’m sure you all remember the nightmare that was building Subject Delta’s helmet. And while I anguished over the building and the taping and the cardboard strip cutting, I couldn’t sympathize with Daniel having to sit and stand still for upwards of four hours until it was my turn to be the model. Daniel worked for maybe two and a half hours on me but I was achy and grumpy and my legs kept sticking to the wooden stool we were using for me to perch on. In short, I was a wiggly model. I’m sure it was like trying to cut the hair of a toddler. But, to quote Daniel, we learned a lot from Subject Delta’s helmet, and it benefited this stage immensely.

Eleanor Lamb with Helmet Concept Art

Daniel taped the outline of the harness directly to me and then screwed one of our wooden circles into place.

Eleanor Lamb's Harness ring

This allowed us to really get the angle in place before trying to construct the rest of it. The only difficult section was the hump on the back of the harness. In case you can’t tell from my photos, I’m really small so there isn’t a whole lot of length to my back and shoulders for him to work with.

Eleanor Lamb's Helmet frame Eleanor Lamb's Helmet frame Eleanor Lamb's Helmet frame

But within a couple of hours of measuring, cutting and duct taping we had a completely constructed harness that looked a little something like this!

Eleanor Lamb's harness frame Eleanor Lamb's Harness front

Eleanor Lamb's harness back

Easy-peasy! The next step will be more papier-mâché and then, maybe if you wish real hard, we’ll be able to start working on something other than helmets and harnesses! — TCG

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  1. thecreativecortex October 2, 2013 at 11:46 AM #

    Looking good!

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