Level 2-4: Modify Helmet

15 Oct

Eleanor Lamb with Helmet Concept Art

Daniel has spent the last two weeks with his back hunched over Eleanor Lamb‘s helmet and harness, his fingers pruned and coated in glue and little bits of news paper. He’s been papier-mâché-ing like a mad man! He finished up layers three, four, five and six on the helmet and he finally achieved a globular, less egg-like shape. He has determined through trial and error that paper from The Onion is less sturdy than paper from our local Red Eye, in case you’re thinking of starting a papier-mâché habit in the area.

The harness didn’t take nearly as many layers due to Daniel’s superior craftsmanship. The shape might also have been a contributing factor. After a few layers, we ended up with this.

Eleanor Lamb harness

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. However, if we check out the reference picture you’ll see that we need a more rounded edge. So I cut some rounded strips of card board, along with a couple of very thin strips that tapered into the top of the harness near the shoulder. While this may not sound like a large variation, here’s a side by side comparison of the before and after.

On the left you’ll see the whole structure looking blockish on the front and square on the shoulders. On the right, you’ll see what it looks like with the additions to the front and the shoulders.

Harness and helmet 1 Harness and Helmet 2

Here’s the back view.

We added some foam rings between the wooden rings to give it some extra height.

Eleanor Lamb harness and helmet 1 back Eleanor Lamb harness and helmet 2 back

I’d say it’s coming together nicely, wouldn’t you?

Eleanor Lamb harness and helmet

Next time we’ll have lots of little things to share as compile all the details of the helmet and begin work on some of the many props. — TCG

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