Level 6-1: Assemble Backpack

27 Feb

Greetings Cosplay followers! As Sara said in our last post, we definitely have more built than we’ve had time to blog about. So far for Subject Delta we’ve shown you the helmet, the drill and the suit; but we’ve also been hard at work on the boots, the cudgel (that wooden baton thing that hangs at Subject Deltas hip) and… the back pack and air tanks!!!

Subject Delta Action Figure Backpack

We started – as we always do — by analyzing the various reference photos to get a good sense of the general look and feel for the pack as it’s quite a specific design. One of the things we’ve noticed from looking at other Subject Delta cosplay costumes is that the pack and tanks (just like the helmets) can often look a little off, because the game dimensions are so drastic. So again, we tried to be conscientious in making sure the pieces fit my dimensions as much as possible.

sawing pvcSara took the lead on this one! We didn’t want the pack to be too heavy so we decided to make the frame out of 1″ PVC tubing. Sara measured my back to get some accurate dimensions and we figured out from the reference photos how high up and low down on my back the pack should sit. Sara set to work measuring and cutting the tubing to the various lengths.

I helped with the some of the cutting cause there was just so darn much to cut and we lacked the proper tools for the task. I then took a stab at the oblong section that juts out from the bottom of the pack. this is for the Little Sisters to stand on while the Big Daddy goes tramping around, in case you were wondering.

I drilled holes into the frame at angles and used some extra dowel rod to serve as the crossbars. Once complete we fitted the frame together.

Subject Delta's Backpack Frame

You’ll notice from this first assembly that it’s a bit too long both at the top and bottom. The top interferes with the way the helmet needs to sit on my shoulders and the bottom hangs off to low and too far. Good thing we hadn’t glued anything together yet.

Subject Delta's Backpack FrameWe took the pack off, made some adjustments, cut off some extra length here and there a couple of times and tried it again. Perfect fit!!! Confident with the structure of the frame, I glued it together with our PVC epoxy.

Subject Delta Concept Art

Next up; the air tanks! If you’ll notice one of the tanks look to be fairly normal size, but the other is gargantuan and has a pretty decent circumference. This larger tank was the portion of the frame that most concerned me as far as making sure we stayed as true to the design as possible while still making it look appropriate to my proportions. I didn’t want it to be so large that it looked ridiculous on my frame. Like everything else, we wanted to make sure it was made to my proportions.

For the sake of weight, I again settled on PVC tubing for the tanks. A 3” tube for the small tank and a 4” tube for the larger tank each with their corresponding PVC cap. I cut the tanks a little longer at the top of the frame so that they would stick up over my shoulders just slightly like they do in the reference photos.

Since they looked a little bare with just their caps I cut out foam circles from 5 mm foam to seal the bottoms and then used a bit of weather-stripping to accentuate the edge. I then cut strips of 2 mm foam to service as the bands that wrap around the tanks and accented them with hex screw screwed right into the tanks.

Subject Delta's Airtanks

While I’d love to leave you with an action shot there’s always more to do and we have less than a week before we have to take some pictures for our submission to the Crown Championships for C2E2 but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!  –TCG

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