Level 4-2: Checkpoint Reached – Replay?

13 May

When last we spoke about Eleanor Lamb’s syringe panel, I was obsessing over what some might call a minute detail. While it may seem that I had settled on a solution and crafted something I was pleased with, every time I looked at that darn thing my dislike grew and grew until I couldn’t stand it any longer. Something had to be done.

Even though Daniel said that he had liked the old, boxy abomination, he must have been saying that to make me feel better because it was him that brought the blue prints for success to the table. Below you’ll see the old, hated panel after it had been taken off the syringe and then the blueprint for the new panel cut out of butcher paper and placed on the body of the syringe.

Old Syringe Panel New Syringe Panel




I don’t know about you, but I was already loving the shape and I hadn’t even cut it out of foam yet! I happily threw away the old bulky panel and got to work on this new lovely piece.

I cut the shape of the body out of 5 mm craft foam. I had to test it several times to make sure the hole was big enough for the 90 degree conductor could fit through.

Eleanor Lamb Syringe PanelI wanted to add depth to it so instead of trying to add a thin border to the piece, I cut a smaller shape out of 2 mm craft foam and put it on top of the panel.

I also added a piece of 5 mm craft foam to the back-end for a bit of visual interest. I also cut out a little ring of 2 mm foam to cover up the ugly, too-big hole I needed to fit the panel around the conductor.

Eleanor Lamb Syringe Panel Eleanor Lamb Syringe Panel

With the faucet handles added to this new panel, I was finally pleased with the look of it. Hooray!

Eleanor Lamb's Syringe Built Panel

Now we were ready to move forward.

You’ll notice in the picture above, that the yellow gear from last post has been replaced with some PVC pipe coupling. It’s the same material we used to add the “little hat” to Eleanor Lamb’s helmet. If’ you’ll look at the reference photo below, you’ll see that the panel extends up past the elbow. For our spin on this look, we opted for the coupling to extend the back of the body of the syringe. This helped to balance the weight of the syringe on my arm. Syringe Reference

 We had some trouble gluing the rubber of the coupling to the PVC plastic tubes. In typical Crazy Gilbert fashion, Daniel really slathered on the hot glue and we made sure to never pick up the syringe by that part of the body.
Eleanor Lamb with Helmet Concept Art

Before we could proceed with mounting the panel on the body of the syringe, we needed to examine the valves on the inside of the syringe. Take a look at the reference on the far left.

If you stare at it long enough, like Daniel and I did, you’ll notice that there are gaps between the gauges and the actual syringe panel. It appears as though the gauges are mounted on strips of leather, which are probably covering metal beneath, and then the faucets are attached to the side of the valve mounting. Our next step was clear, we needed to elevate the syringe panel and find a way to wrap the pieces holding the gauges around the body of the syringe.


Check us out next time, we’ll be talking about how we made these amazing looking gauges and then secured them to the syringe. — TCG


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