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Co-Op Campaign: Status Report

28 Mar

Hola fellow Cosplay citizens!!! It’s been far too long since our last post… a month to be exact… but rest assured that it’s not because we haven’t been hard at work. As of our last post, the submission deadline for the Crown Championship of Cosplay was fast approaching and we wanted to have as much of the costumes completed as possible.  We built as much as we could, almost daily, and there were quite a few nights of painting that lasted well into the wee hours of the morn. But all of the efforts were well worth it! One of Sara’s work friends graciously offered to take some high-resolution photos for our submissions – and now for your viewing pleasure… our mostly complete costumes:

Eleanor Lamb:

Eleanor Lamb Front

Eleanor Lamb Back

Subject Delta:

Subject Delta Front

Subject Delta Back

Sadly… we were not accepted into the competition.

You: What!?

 ThoseCrazyGilberts: I know, right!?

Le’ sigh… 😥

Oh well, that’s okay — because it was never about the competition to begin with and while it sucks to have not gotten in we’ll still be struttin’ our stuff at C2E2 and sharing our hard work with the rest of the Cosplay community and other fellow Con-goers!

We’ve still got a lot of work left to do, for as they say — the Devil’s in the details.

Additionally we’ve also finally gotten around to creating a corresponding Co-Op Campaign Facebook page to make it even easier to follow ThoseCrazyGilberts and their Cosplay adventures.

If you’re on Facebook, like us here:

Co-Op Campaign Cosplay

As always, thank you for reading and be on the look out for a series of catch-up post coming your way in the next week. — TCG

Level 6-1: Assemble Backpack

27 Feb

Greetings Cosplay followers! As Sara said in our last post, we definitely have more built than we’ve had time to blog about. So far for Subject Delta we’ve shown you the helmet, the drill and the suit; but we’ve also been hard at work on the boots, the cudgel (that wooden baton thing that hangs at Subject Deltas hip) and… the back pack and air tanks!!!

Subject Delta Action Figure Backpack

We started – as we always do — by analyzing the various reference photos to get a good sense of the general look and feel for the pack as it’s quite a specific design. One of the things we’ve noticed from looking at other Subject Delta cosplay costumes is that the pack and tanks (just like the helmets) can often look a little off, because the game dimensions are so drastic. So again, we tried to be conscientious in making sure the pieces fit my dimensions as much as possible.

sawing pvcSara took the lead on this one! We didn’t want the pack to be too heavy so we decided to make the frame out of 1″ PVC tubing. Sara measured my back to get some accurate dimensions and we figured out from the reference photos how high up and low down on my back the pack should sit. Sara set to work measuring and cutting the tubing to the various lengths.

I helped with the some of the cutting cause there was just so darn much to cut and we lacked the proper tools for the task. I then took a stab at the oblong section that juts out from the bottom of the pack. this is for the Little Sisters to stand on while the Big Daddy goes tramping around, in case you were wondering.

I drilled holes into the frame at angles and used some extra dowel rod to serve as the crossbars. Once complete we fitted the frame together.

Subject Delta's Backpack Frame

You’ll notice from this first assembly that it’s a bit too long both at the top and bottom. The top interferes with the way the helmet needs to sit on my shoulders and the bottom hangs off to low and too far. Good thing we hadn’t glued anything together yet.

Subject Delta's Backpack FrameWe took the pack off, made some adjustments, cut off some extra length here and there a couple of times and tried it again. Perfect fit!!! Confident with the structure of the frame, I glued it together with our PVC epoxy.

Subject Delta Concept Art

Next up; the air tanks! If you’ll notice one of the tanks look to be fairly normal size, but the other is gargantuan and has a pretty decent circumference. This larger tank was the portion of the frame that most concerned me as far as making sure we stayed as true to the design as possible while still making it look appropriate to my proportions. I didn’t want it to be so large that it looked ridiculous on my frame. Like everything else, we wanted to make sure it was made to my proportions.

For the sake of weight, I again settled on PVC tubing for the tanks. A 3” tube for the small tank and a 4” tube for the larger tank each with their corresponding PVC cap. I cut the tanks a little longer at the top of the frame so that they would stick up over my shoulders just slightly like they do in the reference photos.

Since they looked a little bare with just their caps I cut out foam circles from 5 mm foam to seal the bottoms and then used a bit of weather-stripping to accentuate the edge. I then cut strips of 2 mm foam to service as the bands that wrap around the tanks and accented them with hex screw screwed right into the tanks.

Subject Delta's Airtanks

While I’d love to leave you with an action shot there’s always more to do and we have less than a week before we have to take some pictures for our submission to the Crown Championships for C2E2 but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!  –TCG

Level 4-3: Assemble Ranged Weapon

18 Feb

Hola fellow Cosplayers! Daniel here! With only two short months or a little over 8 measly weeks from C2E2, the stress has definitely kicked up ten fold with the announcement of The Crown Championships of Cosplay!

What-the-what!? A major cosplay contest at the event where we plan to unveil our first serious cosplay venture!? With Yaya Han as a judge!? Yaya Han!?!?!?

 Bring it on!!!

With Eleanor Lamb’s syringe built, it was time to take a crack at her secondary weapon – the harpoon. There are actually very few reference photos for the design and look of the harpoon and game play references weren’t much help either. So we had to piece together our best interpretation of it based on the couple of sources we had and other peoples’ takes. You can see a little bit of the harpoon on the left hand in the reference picture.

Eleanor Lamb screen shot

Eleanor Lamb's Harpoon MatterialsWe again started by cutting a large PVC tube in half to serve as the base for the harpoon mechanism. Sara sanded down and rounded the edges to make for a more comfortable fit. We then attached a 1 ½ ft. long section of 1” PCV pipe to the top of the base to serve as the ‘gun barrel’ for the harpoon itself.

Body of Eleanor Lamb's Harpoon

We fixed a decorative PCV cap on the front of the barrel and decorative PVC connector (that looks like a loading port) to the back-end of the barrel. We then drilled a hole in the front cap to feed the harpoon through.

All in all, the harpoon was starting to shape up nicely, but I wasn’t convinced that we had it looking like it was ‘functional’ as the syringe. What we needed was a ‘compression-chamber-looking-device’ that would give the appearance that the harpoon had propellant capabilities.

Sara dashed my first idea to pieces, which was to have the harpoon barrel feed into a shorter, squatter section of PVC tubing positioned at the back of the barrel to look like a  mini-propane tank. Her concern was that it would look too bulky and would be a hassle to tote around all day. She was quite right.

Eleanor Lamb's Harpoon TriggerI decided that the best solution was not one large chamber positioned at the back, but two, smaller chambers arranged on either side.  I took some of our extra 1/2” wooden dowel rod  and cut two identical ‘tubes’ with a 45 degree angle cut at one end.  I then fixed a tube to each side of the barrel and viola! But how does this thing ‘fire?’ We decided to construct a button mechanism to rear portion of the barrel.

We started by gluing one of our smaller Plastic Insulated Bushings to the top of the barrel. However, the circumference of the bushing was slightly wider than the PVC barrel and hung out to the sides. To correct this I constructed a foam housing to straddle the barrel and wrap around the excess bushing.

Button for Harpoon TriggerWe then used the top cap from an old floor lamp as the actual button itself. It resulted in a rather impressive looking button element!

For an added bit of flair we also added a ‘sight’ to the front end of the barrel to even out the design. Luckily our package of flex tubing came with a nifty little plastic connector that did just the trick!

Eleanor Lamb's Harpoon Body

Lastly was the harpoon itself! I started by cutting a 2 ½ ft. section of  ¼” dowel rod. I then sanded down the tip to a rounded point.  Now the hard part – the harpoon blades or barbs as they are sometimes called. Which… in hindsight weren’t so hard after all. See what I did with that ellipses there? I’m so tricky! I started by cutting three ¼” slender parallelograms from 2mm foam. I then notched out three slots in the harpoons shaft using our X-acto knife and hot glued them into place.

Foam Blade Shape

And there you have it – a pretty darn good harpoon if I do say so myself!

After a bit of painting well fix it up with some leather arm straps and we’ll be set!

Eleanor Lamb's Harpoon

Here’s an action shot complete with Eleanor Lamb’s helmet, syringe and harpoon to tide you over while we get back to work as there is still so little to do and so much time. Wait… strike that, reverse it. — TCG

Eleanor Lamb Helmet and Weapons

Level 4-1: Craft New Tools

23 Jan

Remember all those cosplay blogs where seasoned cosplayers would give tips and tricks and advice? Do you also remember how, in every advice filled count down of the most important things, there’s always the strong suggestion that you not wait until the last-minute. According to these gurus of costuming, if you wait until the last-minute the stress you experience will surely out weigh the joy of the process. Keeping this advice in mind, you plan on taking on your newest cosplay endeavor with plenty of time; say perhaps 10 months? Certainly 10 months is enough to leave one with enough breathing room to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his months of labor right?


It’s true. We’re down to a measly three months before it’s show time and this, beloved readers, is why our posts have become less regular. The evenings at the Crazy Gilbert household have become flurries of building mixed with sleeping and the occasional playing of video games because, let’s face it, Last of Us is just worth a couple of hours a week and you all know it. For the past two weeks, we’ve had a decision to make each evening, take time to scrawl out a post or get in as much work as possible. Even as we speak there’s stitching that needs to be done so this will be a quick post with lots o’ pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Since finishing Subject Delta’s drill, we decided to move our focus over to Eleanor Lamb and her arm toting weaponry. Our first focus: the syringe. Check out the reference picture.

Eleanor Lamb with Helmet Concept Art

Pretty wicked huh?

We started with some PVC  pipe and a dowel rod. Since we’ve been doing more building on week nights, we have to be more conscientious of our neighbors. We’re Crazy Gilberts not Rude Gilberts. So we needed something to muffle the sound of our hand saw. This was Daniel’s solution. Note; those are pillows that I brought to the marriage.

Daniel destroying Pillow

This is Daniel sawing a PVC pipe in half for the base of our syringe. Once it was sawed in half, I took some sand paper to it and rounded the edges so it wouldn’t dig into my arm or wrist. The hardest part of this step in the process was not having the proper tools. A jigsaw would have saved time, spared Daniel’s arm and salvaged my throw pillows!

Next, we took some PVC socket caps along with some more pipe and started on the body of the syringe. We drilled holes into the center of a large and a small socket cape and started piecing our syringe together.

PVC Pieces of Eleanor Lamb Syringe

The nice thing about PVC is that all the tubes have corresponding caps so most sizes will have a cap that will fit! Next came the needle. We took a dowel rod and Daniel sawed the end off at an angle. He then took his drill and a teeny, tiny drill bit and drilled a bevel into the dowel rod. Bevel is a fancy word for hole. We then rounded the edge with sand paper so no one freaks out about a sharpened prop weapon at C2E2.

Needle for Eleanor Lamb's SyringeWith the three pieces in hand, we needed to glue them together. Since we were working with PVC, we took advantage of an adhesive made specifically for PVC; Oatey PVC Cement. We decided to go with a two pack of primer and cement.

Apoxy glue

Glue PVC Together Glue PCV Step One

This stuff had a serious odor and we finally got some use out of the masks we bought for Shellacking. We also opened the windows and turned the fans on and it was still a very heavy scent. Since the weather nor the apartment complex we live in offered any better ventilation options, we made sure to work quickly and seal up the bottles promptly.

Look at what we have here!

Body of Eleanor Lamb's Syringe

That hole you see in the side of the main tube is for this nifty little doo-dad that caught Daniel’s eye at Home Depot. A 90 degree conductor of the non-metallic variety! And wouldn’t you know it, my clear plastic tube fit into it perfectly. And, when screwed into the side of the main tube, it makes a really amazing looking ADAM tube.

Eleanor Lamb Syringe without Plate

For the handle, we used a plain Jane Handy Hook which Daniel hammered flat and then screwed into the base of the main PVC tube.

And since we’re in the habit of giving you a mildly awesome picture at the end of each post, it’s only right to let you know that we refer to these as “action shots.” So here’s a nearly finished Action Shot of Eleanor Lamb’s syringe!!

Eleanor Lamb's Syringe progress

Next post we’ll finish up the syringe and get started on the harpoon. We’ve made a working list and we’re working our way down it but, man oh man, is it going to be a tight finish. Wish us luck! — TCG

Cosplay – Press Start to Begin

25 Jun

Heroic Shot

Let’s start with an origin story. We grew up in Oklahoma, land of the well-intentioned and deep-fried food. While there were plenty of opportunities to toss a football or baseball around, there wasn’t a wealth of exposure to all things fandom.

“I am a true child of the 80’s. Generation of the Atari, grandfather of the gaming consoles and hand-help devices. I have owned, or played, almost every gaming console known to man. My first exposure to fandom was through old super hero cartoons and the original Star Wars movies. All classic 80’s movies to be honest; and let’s be honest, there’s just something about the movies of the 80’s. Their magic and imagination. I remember Marvel trading cards at the local 7-11 gas station and Yukon Comics the only comic book and collectibles store for 15 miles.”  – Daniel

“My town only had one comic book store and it was on the oldest street in town and it was tiny. My love for heroes and video games was nurtured almost exclusively at home. I would always record the X-Men cartoons and the Spiderman cartoons on VHS and I knew most of the Batman series by heart. We couldn’t afford a lot of video games so I would play and replay the games that we did have until I could beat them with my eyes closed. My favorites? Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. And as for Anime? I’ve been drawn to the animation and story telling style ever since stumbling across Unico when I was very, very young. “ – Sara

Long story short; it was up to us to find ways to feed that need to nerd out on our own.

And then there was Chicago.

C2E2 2013.

We became aware of what was possible and came to one conclusion.

We want to play too.

We spent weeks after the con pitching ideas back and forth. We’d even made definitive decisions about what we would work on – twice. We really wanted to do a themed couple cosplay, or at least a complimentary set. But nothing seemed to settle well for the both of us.

“I wanted to do Nightwing. I’d even researched how to make his body armor but Sara wasn’t sold on Batgirl because she’d have to dye her hair or wear a wig. We’d settled on Green Lantern and Star Sapphire until Sara got a look at her costume, what little there is of it.” – Daniel

We’d almost given up on the cosplay set, until we got back to some gaming. We’d just beaten Bioshock and were almost finished with Bioshock 2 when we got to the section where Eleanor gets her Big Sister suit.


Johnny Topside, a.k.a. Subject Delta and Eleanor Lamb.

Epic level: 10.

Our challenge: craft two Bioshock characters by C2E2 2014.

Be sure to check back for weekly updates!

We’d love to hear how your fandom took flight – why not leave your own origin story in our comments section?  – TCG