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Rust on Cloth Effect

4 Jun

Eleanor Lamb's Suit with Rust


Over the course of creating our first cosplay, we spent a substantial amount of time combing the internet for tutorials, tips and tricks from more experienced craftspeople. While we found a lot of info about utilizing rusty metal and transferring it onto fabric but, since this was something that I’d be wearing, I wanted to use a method that wasn’t so dirty. Here’s what we cooked up.

MaterialsĀ Needed

  • Chalk
  • Paint Brush
  • Cup of Water
  • Spray Bottle with Water

Chalk DustFirst things first, do a little research to determine your color palate. Different types of metals result in different colors of rust. For this example, we’ll be working with a brown, red and orange color palate. We bought a package of chalk from our local craft store and then used sandpaper to get our dust on.

Next hit your cloth with the spray bottle. You want it saturated so that it will really soak up the chalk.

Now we add some color. With your wet brush, mix up your colors and then slather the chalk onto the cloth. This line would serve as the source of the rust.

wet brush paint paint on cloth

Next, use the spray bottle to make that color run. Make sure that your spray bottle is set to mist so that you can control the amount of water you’re using. If it’s set to a stream you might delude the chalk too much and you won’t have a clear source of rust. Then, just let it run.

The nice thing about chalk is, if you over water your rust source or if you want to make certain areas of the running color darker than others, you can go back in with your paint brush. Then, let it dry.

We also used a similar technique for the blood on Eleanor Lamb’s suit.

Photo by Geek Behind the Lens Photography

Photo by Geek Behind the Lens Photography

Thanks for checking us out! Hope you found this to be helpful! — TCG